Due to our commitment to provide the best customer services, we will provide high end products and customized solutions to the benefit of customers and to protect their premises as per international standards.

First advanced is an official distributor of leading international fire equipment manufacturers. We can supply any fire system with all required approvals.
We are committed to supply fire detection and alarm systems with the latest technology respecting the local and international approvals and standards.
Our team is trained to install all firefighting and fire alarm systems respecting the international codes, manufacturers guidelines and the site conditions.
To assure the continuity of systems operation and the efficiency in case of fire, our maintenance team will be responsible on making the necessary tests as per codes and suppliers’ requirements.
To assure the efficiency of the systems, NFPA asks for integrity test for all spaces protected by a clean agent system. Our team is trained to perform this test using calibrated tools.
Hydraulic calculations are very important when designing fire protection systems, since they ensure that the piping delivers the needed waterflow at the required pressure to extinguish any fire. In particular, automatic sprinkler systems are subject to the NFPA 13 Standard and standpipe systems are subject to the NFPA 14 standard.
Our engineers are certified in the fire protection industry and have the required knowledge and experience to support our customers in any technical problem or value engineering.
Our engineers are certified and experienced to assist consultancy firms in the life safety design of new buildings. They also can assist firms by developing their emergency action plan, building their emergency response team and train their staff on evacuation in case of fire.

For an all-encompassing fire security and prevention needs, call us at +966 1 1215 4059 or write to us at Please feel free to drop us feedback or an inquiry.