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Fire detection systems and fire alarms, power plant and oil refinery fire protection, gas detection and fire suppression systems are some of First Advanced’s many products and services aimed at helping customers meet their fire protection needs. First Advanced offers its various systems under one roof for unsurpassed customer convenience and satisfaction. The company provides design, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of its various systems.


Oil and gas refineries have traditional methods of operating. We examine the status quo of oil and gas refineries and invest in the latest technology and procedures to empower our clients and their assets for the future.


Consider conducting a consultation with First Advanced to see how it can serve your unique facility needs or improve the quality and safety of your oil and gas refinery.

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    For an all-encompassing fire security and prevention needs, call us at +966 1 1215 4059 or write to us at info@first-advanced.com Please feel free to drop us feedback or an inquiry